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Virtuoso launch Local Government IoT platform and Mobile Citizen Engagement Solution


A Changing Landscape

Against a backdrop of continued austerity Councils across the UK must make decisions to invest in strategies that help them deliver better services at a lower cost. To do that most Councils are turning to technology to create new ways of working more efficiently with automation and self-service.

A lot has been touted about ‘moving to the cloud’ however doing the same things in a different place is not bringing the economies that many organisations are seeking. Councils must ‘re-invent’ business processes to truly create new ways of working.

A leader in this area is Datacom’s Datascape platform that councils to use proven technology to re-engineer the way they work.

Datascape is a new cloud-based solution with an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system at its core. Specifically designed to create new ways for councils to work and engage with communities. Its innovative, responsive design gives you the freedom to easily access information, anywhere, from any device with an internet connection.

The complete Local Government solution includes Customer Relationship Management, Financials, Rating, Regulatory, Human Resources and Payroll, Facility Management, Online Services, Payment Gateways, Websites, Business Intelligence and Mobile Notifications.

Exclusive Launch

At this years’ Public Sector Show Virtuoso are bringing Datacom’s Datascape platform to the UK and will be launching two products that are most likely to make a significant short-term impact on Council operations.



An Internet of Things solution featuring low cost sensors and a powerful cloud-based analytics and workflow platform. SenseTo can revolutionise:

  • Social Care
  • Housing
  • Environmental monitoring and management
  • Asset & Premises Management
  • Waste & recycling
  • Traffic
  • Parking
  • Public Safety
  • Smart metering
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Smart tracking - Assets & People
  • Premise Security



A free SmartPhone app that connects Councils to Communities on information of specific importance to the user – eliminating the ‘digital clutter’ of traditional social media.

Antenno can be used as a standalone product to help Councils engage better with the community. As part of the Datascape platform when used in conjunction with SenseTo you can have a fully automated/fully optimised process of detection, action and communication. Significantly reducing the cost of human intervention and time delays of historic processes.

Let’s Meet!

We are looking forward to the show this year and you can find us in the Technology section of the Public Sector Show . Alternatively you can request a private presentation at

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