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Virtuoso is Awarded G-Cloud 10 Status

G-Cloud 10 

In this week’s blog we’re delighted to announce that Virtuoso have been awarded G-Cloud 10 status for SenseTo and Antenno. Proven in Asia Pac these products we launched to the UK market at the Public Sector Show in June to drive Digital Transformation for Councils.


If you haven’t heard about it already, Antenno is a free SmartPhone app that councils use to target information at specific sections of the community. Members of the community can download the app and subscribe to places and topics that interest them; like home, school, leisure centres, waste, elections and community events to name just a few examples. 


This removes the need for people to go hunting for information on a variety of websites, portals, newsletters and notices. Community members can also report back on facilities and events in the community allowing councils to provide more responsive level of service. The ease and convenience is perfect for the digital age and connecting communities.


SenseTo is an analytics platform upon which IoT based solutions can be created. In conjunction with the software we also provide low-cost sensors and network connections to measure multiple types of facility and environmental events. The events are correlated in SenseTo against which a normal operational benchmark is learned and set. Events outside of the normal operating window can drive workflow and actions to drive efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery.


Both platforms come with a complete set of live and historic reporting allowing councils to make data evidenced decisions. 

We’re incredibly excited about being awarded this status and as Oliver Dowden, Minister for Implementation of G-Cloud 10 puts it, "Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, delivering innovative solutions in partnership with the public sector, fuelling economic growth and supporting the delivery of efficient, effective public services that meet the needs of citizens." We’re glad to be at the forefront of this new movement in public sector IT.

Next steps

Throughout summer and autumn, we will be running roadshows with councils to illustrate what can be achieved with the technologies. The use cases are virtually endless. In the workshops we will understand the challenges that you have and them map the benefits and payback the technology can deliver. 

Please contact us to set up your workshop.

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