Legal firms operate in a tightly regulated and highly competitive environment where the burning need to retain existing clients and win new ones are the key drivers for the commercial success of the firm.  Meanwhile, change is sweeping through the sector and some lawyers are finding radically better ways to develop and support a more competitive, sustainable business.  Finding better ways to deliver value to retain clients, win new business and to attract and retain talented people too. How technology is adopted increasingly differentiates successful firms from the rest, with new options available that need to be explored.  To be able to push the boundaries with technology, a law firm needs to have an assured, secure and flexible platform to work with, to allow people in the business to explore, test and develop new ways of working. 

The Virtuoso technology approach is built around the intelligent Microsoft Cloud where security, data management and collaboration are engineered-in and fully integrated. The intelligent Microsoft Cloud platform has been built on a "privacy by design and privacy by default" model.  (Incidentally this is precisely the model required by GDPR). Combining the Microsoft Cloud with Citrix enables the delivery of an IT solution that can deliver the flexibility, agility, collaborative tools and cybersecurity law firms need.  

And when you are thinking about security for your law firm consider that Microsoft spends over $1 billion each year on cybersecurity and have been doing so every year since 2015 if not earlier.  And the bulk of this expenditure goes towards innovation, not just salaries or other running costs.

Because the technology platform is so robust Virtuoso can focus on delivering a great service, it is our number one objective.  We call it Service Addiction.

We don’t measure ourselves against other IT companies, we’re competing for the satisfaction of our customers.  And the customer satisfaction bar is a high one, set by the likes of Amazon.

If our customers don’t find every interaction with our service desk easy, convenient and effective, we’re not doing our job. To ensure we deliver on this promise, we measure everything we do. From how quickly we answer the phone, to how quickly we respond to and resolve each type of service request, it’s recorded in our systems. Data that our customers have access to as well.

The intelligent Microsoft Cloud with an amazing service wrap, now that really could be addictive.