Escalation Support

The Challenge

Today’s IT organisations need to support a complex and diverse set of technologies and architectures – when things go wrong, getting access to experienced technical support in the timeframes required by the business for resolution can be a challenging task.  Furthermore, co-ordinating technical resolution and escalating into vendors support processes can be time consuming and painful. 

Our Approach

Virtuoso provide an end-to-end incident escalation service that provides our customers with experienced, certified technical capability on-demand.  Our service give customers piece of mind that when a complex issue occurs, our team will investigate and manage an issue to resolution – and even engage with vendors if required at no additional cost.  Many of our customers have even taken our service in lieu of direct vendor support contracts, as this represents a significant cost optimisation opportunity.  Our service spans multiple technologies and vendors and provides a single, cost effective and responsive solution to complex technical issues.

Our Capability

Our escalation service currently covers the following vendors:

  • Microsoft
  • Citrix
  • VMware
  • Cisco