Empowering Internet of Things

SenseTo is an easy to use, always on, secure, Internet of Things service that can be a standalone solution, or integrated into
existing business applications.

SenseTo allows you to view and manage all of your IoT assets from a simple dashboard via your browser or mobile device.  Get value from IoT quickly under a low-risk subscription model, with the flexibility to tailor Business Intelligence.

Integrate SenseTo with existing applications and combine datasets with secure, open data to deliver better business outcomes.
SenseTo supports many partnered devices out of the box and can be extended to support any IoT device or platform.

With IoT we can empower your community with:

  • Weather-proof GPS Location Tracking
  • Water & Air quality monitoring
  • Weather monitoring
  • Foot traffic monitoring (e.g. public footpaths or parks)
  • Rubbish bin level monitoring (allowing smart collection services)
  • Water / river level monitoring

SenseTo Features

  • Scalable to match your business growth needs
  • Predictable pricing model
  • Cloud-Based technologies, accessible anywhere from any device
  • Flexible - our solutions can be tailored to your business needs
  • API endpoints to retrieve and submit data

Key Benefits

  • Device / network agnostic (technology agnostic)
  • Rules Engine allows for triggers and alerts based on nearly all conditions and actions
  • Device and Sensor configuration and management
  • Alerts + Notifications (Email, SMS & Website)
  • Business Intelligence
  • Integration with existing datasets & applications
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