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Microsoft Teams could prevent further spread of COVID-19

How could Microsoft Teams prevent COVID-19? Read more to find out… For the best part of 2020, most businesses have embraced a remote work-style and it’s unarguable that many have seen the benefits it has ...

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10 things your business MUST consider before returning to the office

While we are still living in very uncertain times, it seems the world is trying to slowly introduce normality, with many of us expecting to return to the office in upcoming months.  We are here to provide you w...

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Why Microsoft Teams is safer than Zoom

It wasn’t until the world went into lockdown as a result of COVID-19 that video calls, virtual conferences and live-streamed events became a norm for all of us. In our personal lives, video calls have been the ...

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Huge changes to Microsoft 365 you NEED to know about…

Microsoft products are globally recognised as business essentials. It’s hard to imagine how we ever operated without them. There’s not a company in the world that hasn’t relied on Excel, Word or Outlook to keep...

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IT support is EVEN more important in a cloud world

We have been IT service providers for nearly 10 years now, meaning we’re all too aware of some of the requirements you might have when considering engaging an external IT provider. Ensuring you pick a trusted p...

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5 reasons your business should be using Microsoft Teams

If you’re not using Microsoft Teams in your business, after reading this article we promise that it will be on top of your priority list. Microsoft Teams has been slowly creeping into businesses since 2018, rep...

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Goodbye Baseline Policies, Hello Security Defaults

Goodbye Baseline Policies Baseline Policies in Azure AD Conditional Access were introduced in preview last year. They provide an easy way for customers to configure the recommended basic security options: Requ...

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Microsoft 365 Adds GDPR Tools

Microsoft updates enterprise suite with compliance, security and usability tools ahead of GDPR next May, while Teams replaces Skype for Business as main comms tool Microsoft has introduced a raft of secu...