Coronavirus scams you need to avoid

Urgent Advisory

These uncertain times are bringing about a real global sense of community. However, while most people are helping friends, family, and even strangers, some people are looking to take advantage.

Cyber criminals and hackers are using new and sophisticated methods of scamming individuals and businesses. There are new tactics being used and some are extremely convincing.

We’ve issued this urgent advisory so you and your business can remain vigilant during these times.


Everything you’ve been told about phishing emails in the past still applies now. We’re also seeing a surge in the number of scam calls being made to businesses and households.


Here are some things to look out for:

Emails or calls inviting you to invest in in-demand industries, such as pharmaceuticals, or ‘safe havens’ like gold and oil. Alternatively, you may be advised to transfer existing investments due to the uncertain stock market.

You may be asked to invest in good causes during this time, with the promise of high returns. Donations rarely come with the promise of a return on your investment, so remain critical.

Need extra support?

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